WHO IS THE CREATIVE/ARTIST individual/company that carried out this break-in action?

The photographer Nika Furlani and the graphic designer Ivan Dal Cin (he is a digital artist too) collaborating with CREAA, a private creative company describing itself as “creative office on-demand” based in Udine.

CREAA carried out TRATTO NON COMUNE (Uncommon line) Arts residency for digital communication project was born as a tool for any type of company aiming to establish a unique and characteristic on-line identity. The basic schedule of “Uncommon Line” needs ten weeks, but the project duration depends on the availability of the work team and on specific requests.

“Uncommon line” aims at translating the creative power of arts as catalyst of corporate communication and business innovation after listening to the clients’ specific needs and then proposing a communication strategy and a group of selected artists to work with.

WHO IS THE EMPLOYER who benefited from it?

Transactiva, a biotechnology company based in Udine, which wanted to renew its website in a radical way and the artists worked with the target group to establish the department identity and its main significant characteristics in order to facilitate an exchange between two research fields: arts and science, novelty and beauty for biotechnologies. At the beginning it looked difficult, but the results were amazing.


To create an authentic and productive synergy among scientific research, ICT technology and art design as reflection of the corporate philosophy.

WHAT was the GOAL?

To renew the company website by subverting its unanimous format, undermining the aesthetic uniformity of business communication and portraying the uniqueness of the company.

WHICH break-in action was carried out?

Creative intervention (Innovation program for SMEs) of a photographer and a visual designer who spent some days in the company to meet and collaborate with employees in set laboratories.

WHAT were the results?

The artists met Transactiva’s needs in establishing its real core identity. The previous website was anonymous and academic and the new content map was agreed together with the artists involved. The company and the artists had a common perspective: the power between the organic matrix and the new knowledge frontiers. The photographer spent some half days in the different laboratories meeting the work members and looking at their experiments, and then she composed her works. Ivan Dal Cin matched the text contents and images, giving life to the website.

LESSONS learned

Many members of the company participated actively in the decision and revision process.

The originality that artists could give to business communication is incredibly interesting and the client appreciated their commitment on real listening and proposing customised and not standard solutions

As for many internal tasks in SMEs, communication is not often a priority in the work agenda, therefore the activity took longer than expected.

Creaa website: www.innovazionecreaativa.it – Creaa dissemination event: www.businessmeetsart.it – New Transactiva website: www.transactiva.it – Artists’ websites: www.nikafurlani.com ; www.ivandalcin.com





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