Welcome to your training pathway (recruitment for the break-in pilot in Nantes and Cordoba)!

Carry out the activities listed below and submit your candidature for the break-in pilot in Nantes and Cordoba!


Introducing you to Artistic Interventions, a video introduction about Artistic Intervention.

See the video.

What is a “break-in” action?

Find out the definition here.

1. Examples of break-in actions in Europe, take inspiration from previous experiences.

Download the examples here.

2. The universe of artists and creatives: take some time for SELF-REFLECTION  

Download the content here and follow the rules.

3. The universe of the employers and their staff, Learn how to match your idea to the right employer.

Download the content here and follow the rules.

4. PLAN your Break-in Action, Create and customize your “break-in” action project.

Download the Detective Game here and follow the rules!

5. Make your “break-in” action economically sustainable

Download the content here and find out hot to became sustainable.

6. Set the ethical code of your “break-in” action 

Download the content here and discover the ethical code.

7. PITCH and DELIVER your BREAK-IN ACTION, Describe, present and deliver your project if “break-in” action.

Download the content here and pitch your project.

8. EVALUATE the results of “break-in” action with the employer

Download the content here and evaluate your project.


Now start the training session, after the submission, go back on this page and apply your candidature form!


TRAINING SESSION , the assessment phase.

Fill the questionnaire here and submit it!

CANDIDATURE FOR THE BREAK-IN ACTION PILOT IN NANTES AND CORDOBA, take part in the one week training in Cordoba, Spain, or Nantes, France, focused on break-in action pilot with experts and partners of Break-in the Desk project.

Reflect on your motivation and describe your artistic-creative-cultural practice by filling the form.


Submission deadline: Monday 5th December 2016 Friday 9th December 2016


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