The Cultural Innovation Competence Centre Association was founded in 2006, in Pécs. Its main goals are supporting the creation of a cooperative network between SMEs and inspire them for the internationalization. In 2007 the CICC Associacion founded the Cultural Creative Industry Cluster acting as an umbrella organisation for the creative industry of the region. The cluster management organization is self-supporting, its incomes originates from various tender sources. We were cooperative partners in numerous European Union-funded and domestic projects. (European Accents in Perm, Baross Gábor program, Creative Cities project.) Goals of the association:

  • to promote the establishment of an innovative economic milieu by means of the network-oriented development of each sector
  • enhancing the cohesion of the South West Hungary region
  • contribute to the revitalisation of the current socio-economic structure.

The CICC Association also runs a coworking office; its long-term goal is to provide the basis for community building. The long-term aim is to build a cohesive, effective co-operating community from the creative industry participants.