Small Business Center (SBC) has offered research-based entrepreneurship development and training services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) since 1980. Customers benefit – growth, success and prosperity of SMEs, development of the staff’ leadership- and management skills – is the honor factors for us. The SBC is an active RDI unit and offers following services for the customers: development entrepreneurship skills, entrepreneurship education and -training, development services and applied research for SMEs. We are actively working also with international entrepreneurship research- and development networks.

The SBC was founded in Mikkeli in year 1980, and established offices in Helsinki (1997), in St. Petersburg (1993) and in Tallinn (2004). The SBC was the unit of the Aalto University before 1.5.2016 and now it is the unit of the XAMK’ RDI department.

XAMK is a strong implementer of RDI activities

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences profiles as a strong implementer of research, development and innovation activities (RDI) activities. With over 180 ongoing projects we are Finland’s largest University of Applied Sciences in RDI. Research is reinforced with wide research infrastructure and through the degree programs. The aim of the RDI is to increase wellbeing and competitiveness in the region and in business life.

Our focus areas are:

• Digital economy
• Forest, the environment and Energy
• Sustainable well-being
• Logistics and marine technology & transport

In addition, XAMK has a Creative Industries Research Unit, which generates research projects that combine creative industries with the other strengths of the University of Applied Sciences.

We cooperate with national companies and organizations, universities and research centers. Our RDI in the international level is mainly operated in Europe and Russia.