Break-in the Desk project Intellectual Outputs


IO 1. Analyses & Research:

– research in existing initiatives, best practice in EU28, guidelines & criteria updated according to specific country focus with the preparation of case history reports

– study of the case history reports currently existing and direct contact with actors involved in creative intervention consisting in direct interviews both to the clients (companies and organizations asking for the service) and the artists/creative that implemented the session

Download the report about European experiences of entrepreneurship training and artistic intervention here.

IO 2. Training package on entrepreneurship for artists and creatives “Work Play Book”:

– a set of guidelines and methodologies on how to deliver the training

– a collection of tools and topics/competences on which the training is focused on

– a section for the methodology and structure of contents

– a section for the methodology of the pilot phase (one week workshop)

Start the online course on entrepreneurship here.

Start the online course on break-in actions here.

Download the Work Play Book here.

IO 3. Break-in the Desk Action:

The project name “Break in the Desk” refers to this methodology of artistic intervention to stimulate innovation and change in Public Authorities and within enterprises.

Download the Break-in Action Methodology here.

IO 4. Social Learning Platform for Artists, Creatives, Enterprises and Public Authorities

The Social Learning Platform is the virtual environment where artists and creatives can meet enterprises and Public Authorities in order to create, propose and advert their break-in actions. It is also a learning environment where artists and creatives can learn how to design, develop and evaluate break-in actions and how to develop their entrepreneurial skills. At the same time the Social Learning Platform is the suitable virtual environment for enterprises and Public Authorities to propose a challenge to be solved through break-in actions.

Download the manual here.

IO 5. Break-in the Desk Handbook

The Break-in the Desk Handbook is a guideline for artists and creatives that will create and propose a break-in action to an enterprise and/or a Public Authority.

Download the Break-in the Desk Handbook here.

IO 6. Policy to support the “Break in the Desk”

The policy is a recommendation about hosting and managing break-in action and at the same time a guideline based on the experienced done during the project, in order to invite similar organizations to follow the path opened by the partnership and transfer/receive its outputs.